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Account Payables Management

Acumatica Accounts Payable

Powerful Accounts Payable features assisting in tracking A/P Aging, drilling down on vendor invoices, forecasting cash flow, and providing detail reports. Acumatica Accounts Payable user interface is so easy to use it can dramatically increase productivity of your Accounts Payable department. Get started:

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Highlighted Features

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  • Ap Prepayments

    Vendor Prepayments

    Prepay vendors in advance and then apply these payments to invoices once they’ve been received. Acumatica allows you to track your total prepayments separate from your accounts payable balance.

  • Ap Prepaid Expense Recognition

    Prepaid Expense Recognition

    AP Expenses can be deferred by line item. This way you can recognize expenses in the correct financial period. Acumatica considers prepaid expense asset and expense accounts separately and then recognizes the entire expense once the recognition process is run.

  • Ap Use and Vat

    Use, VAT, and Withholding Tax Support

    Acumatica automatically calculates use and VAT taxes and generates reports for tax filing. Calculation of taxes can be defined based on the vendor associated tax zone. Users can override the taxes when entering the AP bills for special circumstances. Additionally, withholding tax calculations are supported.

Additional Features

  • Ap Payment Approval Process

    Payment Approval Process:

    Enable payment approval process to so that the boss can prioritize or delay payments. Once approved, invoices can be included in a check run. This offers an optional step to ensure the boss can delegate cutting checks but can still have a level of cash and vendor control. Acumatica supports AP Bill entry approvals as well.

  • Ap Multiple Ap Accounts

    Multiple AP Accounts in GL:

    Unlike many other software systems, Acumatica gives you the flexibility to have multiple AP liability accounts on your books. The vendor can be assigned a different Accounts Payable GL Account, and with the right security you can even override when entering the bill.

  • Ap Multi Currency

    Multiple Currencies Support:

    You can work with vendors that send invoices in foreign currencies. Acumatica can maintain separate balances for different currencies and can be scheduled to look up and apply different currency rates on a regular automatic basis. Currency Triangulation and the gain and losses are automatically calculated.

  • Ap Recurring Ap Transactions

    Recurring AP Documents:

    You can schedule the creation of recurring bills to reduce time and data entry. Define the frequency of the bill and even the duration or number of times.

  • Vendor Refunds:

    Acumatica allows you to receive vendor refunds. The Vendor Refund document will debit a cash account and debit an AP Account. You can apply a refund towards a Debit Adjustment or Prepayment document.

  • Ap Aging Report

    AP Aging Reports:

    Acumatica’s aging reports gives you incredible flexibility to display aging in different periods or highlight past due vendors.

  • Ap 1099 Reporting

    1099 Reporting:

    Tracking Vendor 1099 information for each vendor has never been easier. Each vendor has a 1099 box that links back to an expense account. When it is time to run 1099 reporting, Acumatica will track payments against each vendor and their corresponding 1099 type.

  • Ap Vendor Account Security

    Vendor Security:

    Acumatica’s row level security goes beyond traditional software security. If enabled, you can define which users or group roles can see which vendors to prevent access to vendors with sensitive information.

  • Ap Audit Trail

    Audit Trail:

    Acumatica’s up to the field level auditing system allows you to get full details by transaction about any changes that have been made right down to the field level. This allows management to focus on the employees that need training or track down a potential mistake.


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