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SaaS and Cloud ERP Observations

SaaS and Cloud ERP Observations: Is Cloud ERP Right for You?

More and more businesses are asking the question: Is it time to consider a SaaS or cloud deployment model for ERP? And what questions should you be asking yourself?...

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Gleanster Report

Gleanster Report: CRM for SMBs

Over the last decade, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms have matured, and their adoption has become widespread at not only larger enterprise companies...

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Aberdeen Group

ERP in SME: Setting the Stage for Growth

While Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was once looked upon as a business solution that was only for large enterprises, Aberdeen’s recent research has found that...

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Nucleus Research Note

Research Note: Technology Value Matrix First Half 2013 - ERP

As companies are looking to replace their existing ERP applications with more flexible and intuitive solutions, vendors need to acknowledge this shift in attitude and...

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The ROI of Cloud ERP

The ROI of Cloud ERP

"Acumatica's approach to integration is to provide the platform and tools needed for all possible scenarios, the professional services to accelerate integration where...

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ERP Should Watch Out for Acumatica

ERP Should Watch Out for Acumatica

Acumatica is a rising cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) software vendor with a value proposition of delivering the benefits of cloud computing and software as...

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Forrester Report

Forrester Report: Cloud ERP for Mid-Size Businesses

In recent years, medium-size businesses (MBs) have become more open to exploring business application deployment models other than on-premises software, in particular...

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Acumatica Recognized in Competitive ‘Software as a Service’ Category at Prestigious Annual Event Honoring Companies Using Technology to Significantly Impact...

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