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Forrester Report: Cloud ERP for Mid-Size Businesses

In recent years, medium-size businesses (MBs) have become more open to exploring business application deployment models other than on-premises software, in particular software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. Today’s MBs are likely to already be using one or more SaaS applications somewhere within their organization. Firms are also planning to more than double the number of SaaS applications they use, from an average of three applications in 2012 to seven applications in 2014. Key findings include:

Medium-size businesses expect cloud ERP to be accessible, to support mobility, and to provide flexibility in data location and moving between deployment options.

As they consider cloud ERP, medium-size businesses are eager to take advantage of robust and embedded customizable reporting and workflow.

The No. 1 concern medium-size businesses have about cloud ERP is how per-user licensing costs rise as firms’ headcount increases.

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