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Benefits of the Cloud

Cloud computing (“the cloud”) has quickly become one of the leading technology topics in the world, despite the fact that few people really understand what it is and how it impacts their technology choices today. In this guide, we explain what you need to know about cloud computing to help you make informed decisions about your IT deployment and infrastructure. 

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Business Intelligence Guide

More than simply arranging data into convenient and attractive formats, however, BI includes analytics as well as data warehouse/data mining capabilities. BI provides the tools that can turn data into knowledge and insight. In this guide, we’ll show you how smart businesses can tap into this incredible resource.

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5 Tools For Inventory Management

Inventory is a big factor in many businesses, particularly in manufacturing. In this guide, we outline some of the tools that can and should be integrated with inventory management to give you the control and visibility you need to support efficient operations. 

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Is it Time to Replace My ERP System?

Your ERP system is a crucial, vital, “can’t-live-without-it” asset. From product planning, to purchasing, to supply chain strategy, if your ERP isn’t performing the way it should, every aspect of your business will feel it. So how do you know when it’s time to pull the trigger on a new ERP system and make such a sizeable upgrade? Find out in this guide.

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Should I Move My ERP to the Cloud?

So you're ready to replace your worn out, decrepit ERP system with something new, dynamic, fresh, and efficient. Now for the next big question: Is a cloud-based ERP system right for you? We’ve put together this guide to give you a few things to consider when deciding on a cloud-based system.

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How to Find Out Which ERP Best Fits Your Needs

While it may be true that ERP systems have similarities, the devil is really in the details. The differences are what make the system appropriate, usable, and beneficial to your organization. In this guide, we explain how to decide which ERP system best fits the needs of your company.

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10 Tips for Smarter ERP System Selection

Selecting an ERP system for your business can be challenging. Each supplier will proclaim the superiority of its products, making each platform seem like the perfect choice for you. In this guide, we give you 10 tips you can employ to help your company make a smarter ERP selection.

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How to Measure ERP Return on Investment (ROI)

A realistic projection of ROI can also help you better understand the benefits your company can look forward to by investing in your business technology. The ROI guide will ensure you don’t overlook an essential component in understanding how ERP can help you excel.

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The 7 Hidden Costs of ERP

The last thing you want is for the quote in your hand to be a much lower number than you actually end up spending. Some expenses can be obvious, like hardware, software license fees, maintenance,—while others you didn’t even see coming. Be on your guard against seven hidden costs by reading the Costs guide before you finalize your ROI.

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Building Your ERP Implementation Project Team

In this guide, you’ll learn the importance of an executive sponsor, a strong leader, clear objectives, and sufficient budget and resources to make your team run smoothly. An ERP project team isn’t exactly like any other project team.

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Choosing the Right ERP Implementation Partner

As if choosing the right software isn’t hard enough, you also have to pick the right implementation partner (and by “right,” we mean “experienced”). Download this guide to learn about four critical qualities to consider.

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The 4 P's of Business Transformation

As industry analysts note, the most compelling reason to switch to cloud ERP is business transformation. But what, specifically, should businesses attempt to transform and improve upon? You could empty your pockets for a consulting firm’s opinion, but spare yourself the financial grief – the four business pillars in this whitepaper tell you exactly where your focus should fall.

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What Has Changed in Wholesale Distribution: 2015 & Beyond

New research shows that the highest-performing wholesale distributors are embracing end-to-end automation technologies to invest in transformational process change and thrive in an increasingly complex wholesale business network. See how top distributors are out rivaling competitors in both cost and service metric by downloading this free report today.

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Cloud ERP in Wholesale and Distribution: Driving Success Across a Wide Network

The technology environment has changed, and distribution companies are considering new deployment options such as hosted or software-as-a-service have come into play in the past couple decades. This report sought to answer many questions that wholesalers and distributors may have as they decide whether the cloud is right for them.

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True Cloud Applications for Agile and Fast Growing Businesses

Why are more and more organizations of all sizes and industries choosing the cloud for their business processes? True Cloud Applications for Agile and Fast Growing Businesses shares why organizations found that cloud applications were right for their businesses.

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