Acumatica Manufacturing Management Solution

Your complete manufacturing solution—configured and implemented by a partner you can trust. Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition is ready to meet the needs of manufacturers in a variety of industries, no matter how they operate.

From the boardroom to the shop floor, today’s manufacturers need to remain constantly connected. The processes may differ—make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, project-centric, job shop, batch, and repetitive manufacturing each rely on different processes to get the job done—but the core focus remains the same: Make products, sell them, and make money. Built by Acumatica, configured and put into use by Gold Certified Acumatica Partner Cloud 9 ERP Solutions, this Manufacturing solution connects production planning and the shop floor with customer management, sales orders, inventory, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting to provide real-time coordination of activities across your entire business.

Why Choose Acumatica Manufacturing Management?

Whether you’re in automotive, electrical and electronics, industrial machinery & equipment, instruments, fabricated and primary metals, food and beverage, or nearly any other manufacturing space, Acumatica has delivered results for customers like you. Connect Your Business Each process and business is unique, and requires a solution that forks for these needs. Built in the cloud and ready to connect with both first- and third-party applications, Acumatica Manufacturing Edition extends Acumatica’s Distribution Management, Customer Management, Financial Management, and Project Accounting suites. Manage activities from a central location while empowering your teams to work more efficiently on the go. Don’t Lose Sight of Your Growing Business As your business grows, you have to handle more moving parts. To keep track of each of these, you need a solution that can handle your needs today—but also adapt to your business as you grow and change. Maintain control over each process as your business grows, from engineering change request to engineering change order to engineering change notice with approvals throughout each step in the process. Don’t Fall Behind Customers expect quality, timeliness, and reliability. Deliver it with a connected solution built to help you go from forecasting to scheduling, to producing. Each module does what it needs, and connects to the rest of the product, helping you manage demand while optimizing resources for effectiveness and cost control. Follow through with MRP and APS to balance material requirements with production schedules. Maintain or Grow Margins Track material and labor costs as you manage your products. Stay ahead of growing pains with a solution built to facilitate projects, planning, and production. Manage production orders, release and schedule orders for the shop floor, and track material and labor costs, comparing standard and planned production costs to actual costs of production.

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition Overview Webinar & Demo

Built to handle your needs, Acumatica offers manufacturing businesses the functionality, user friendliness, and flexibility needed to get the job done. Learn more about Acumatica’s highly adaptable, future-proof platform and best in class functionality during our on-demand webinar and product demo.

Acumatica Manufacturing Success Story

Discover how Emery Winslow overcame the challenges of outdated ERP with Acumatica and Cloud 9 ERP Solutions.

Key Functionality of Acumatica Manufacturing Edition

Built to handle your needs, Acumatica offers manufacturing businesses the functionality, user friendliness, and flexibility needed to get the job done. Whether you need everything below, or need the product configured by an expert, learn more about each below.


Bill of Materials and Routing

Connect the engineering and finance side of manufacturing with a structured Bill of Materials and Routing solution. Efficiently plan and manage inventories, costs, and manufacturing processes as well as full revision control.

Production Management

Stay ahead of labor, materials, and schedules with Production Management. This functionality helps you control production orders, release and schedule orders for the shop floor, connecting planning to actuals.

Material Requirements Planning

Get from forecasting to production without losing sight of your materials. Generate time-phased manufacturing and purchasing plans for optimal inventory availability tied to forecast and customer demands.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Never lose track of your business and minimize downtime. Advanced Planning and Scheduling helps you meet customer demands by setting accurate and reliable delivery dates based on availability of resources.

Manufacturing Data Collection

Print barcodes and utilize scanners to capture data from the shop floor including labor and material transactions and inventory movement.

Engineering Change Control

Stay on top of version control and remain flexible to customer requests. Engineering Change Control helps you to manage version control and updates to bills of material (BOM) and routings.


Deliver a clear picture to your customers before they sign and avoid surprises afterwards. Estimating in Acumatica Manufacturing Edition makes it easy to convert estimates into bills of material, production orders, or other estimates.

Product Configurator

Remain flexible to customer requests and make changes with a multi-level, dimensional, rules-based system with non-hierarchical feature selections and configuration evaluation. Deliver accuracy in quotes, sales orders or production orders.

Inventory Management

Gain real-time access to available inventory, inventory in transit, reorder quantities, and inventory costs. Inventory Management in Acumatica connects multiple warehouses and gives you control over the entire distribution process.

Order Management

Connect purchasing and sales to ensure optimal inventory levels before, during, and after production. Order Management gives you control over sales activities, procurement processes, and order fulfillment for internal or external clients.

Warehouse Management System

Know your facility and improve processes with a WMS configured for manufacturers. Streamline distribution processes with advanced warehouse operations in receiving, inventory management and order fulfillment.

Service Management

Deliver for your customers after the sale. Maximize dispatching by scheduling the right people at the right time and obtain real-time data for work taking place in the field.

Project Accounting

Ensure valuable hours are tracked with a project management solution ready for manufacturers. Manage budgeting, time sheets, project inventory, and complex billing.

Manufacturing Focused Financials

Augment Acumatica’s base financials with advanced financial capabilities, including GL consolidation, sub-accounts, and automatic revenue recognition.

Acumatica Manufacturing Demos

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Built by Acumatica, Delivered by a Top Partner

Though many companies claim to work with manufacturing firms, it’s all about finding the one who can deliver for your specific business needs. Few solutions exist today that can handle both the financial, process, and inventory management needs of companies like yours, and even fewer partners know how to deliver such a solution. At Cloud 9 ERP Solutions, a Gold Certified Acumatica Partner, we have worked with companies like yours to configure and deliver Acumatica Cloud ERP, a product ready and able to handle your challenges. Get to know more about how we workwho we’ve helped, and why we’ve been a leader in the business for nearly three decades by contacting us for a free consultation.

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