Take a look at these exciting new features now available in 2020 R1

Utilize AI/ML to simplify your experience:

Use your mobile camera to create expense receipts faster

Get to data entry screens faster with the quick add button

New mobile capabilities:

While on service calls: record travel and break time
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Attach captured images directly to Acumatica data records
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Simplified Reporting:

Improve performance with new dashboard caching settings
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Display pivot table percentages calculations and distinct counts
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2020 R1 delivers robust, new modules allowing you to run your entire businesson one system.

Dominate your markets with Omnichannel Commerce

Ecommerce powered business management system via BigCommerce integration

Decrease Overhead Expenses and Keep Your Employees Happy with In-House Payroll

Minimize overhead expenses with Acumatica Payroll

In 2020 R1, all industry editions have new features and enhancements!

Acumatica is designed for mid-market growth businesses and delivers best in class capabilities by combining core functions into a single integrated business-wide software suite.

Feature List for Distribution Companies:
Expand sales and speed warehouse operations
Matrix inventory quickly generates, tracks and manages related items
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WMS includes wave and batch picking for rapid fulfillment
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Feature List for Manufacturing Companies:
Improve manufacturing operations
Track production and costs with native shop floor data collection
Advanced planning features capable-to-promise and what-if scenarios

Feature List for International Companies:
International depreciation enhancements support worldwide expansion

Feature List for Construction Companies:
Manage more construction projects with improved project management tools

Simplified project balance reconciliation
Track project progress with improved daily field reports including photo logs and weather

Track payments and retainage by lines in AR

Acumatica enables you to tailor your instance to the way that you conduct business.

Develop reports, modify workflows, add user-defined fields, all with the utilization of online tools!
Faster and easier data imports

Modify tab order and visibility
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Dynamically define field valid values

Automate business processes with a powerful, new workflow engine for CRM
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Add side panels to data screens to speed data entry
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Using Acumatica’s cloud solution, you can create end-to-end workflows, boost productivity, and ultimately accelerate your business.

Workflows must span functional boundaries and allow for easy and effective communicatio across your organization. 

Improved lead qualification and contact management links sales with production

Enhanced project billing
based on field service activities

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