Cloud ERP Requisition Management

The Requisition Management module allows you to organize and simplify complex distribution processes involving multiple products and suppliers. The screens optimize the way you gather requests, obtain vendor bids, create quotes, approve quotes, manage purchases, and fulfill orders for internal or external clients. Integration with other Acumatica modules eliminates paperwork while providing sales, service, shipping, receiving, management, and others with visibility into your requisition process. Since Acumatica requires no client software and is priced by server, you can keep costs low and while involving everybody.

Highlighted Features

Automate Requests

Acumatica saves time and eliminates paperwork by automating the process of collecting and fulfilling requests for internal consumption and for external distribution. You can authorize users to select from a your entire catalog, limit requests to specific items, or require users to enter descriptions. Acumatica automates the entire process including collecting orders, obtaining supplier bids, sending sales quotes, approving quotes, issuing purchase orders, receiving goods, fulfilling orders, creating invoices, and collecting payments.

Workflow and Approvals

Acumatica organizes how your departments and team members participate in the requisition process. Approval maps and authorizations ensure that the right people are alerted when they need to perform activities to deliver orders promptly while maximizing margins.

Vendor Bidding

Eliminate paperwork and speed the bidding process by emailing requests for proposals to multiple vendors. Award the entire proposal to a single vendor or select multiple winners for different line items on the request.

Sales Quotes

Create sales quotes based on catalog pricing or cost plus algorithms. Print or email quotes to customers. When the quote is approved, automatically generate sales orders and purchase orders to fulfill your sales requests.

Additional Features

  • Predefined Request Lists: Limit requests to a specific list of inventory items so users can only select items from a predefined list.
  • Hide Inventory Items: Acumatica gives you the option to hide your product catalog from users. When hidden, requestors need to enter items manually.
  • Collect and Organize Requests: Gather requests from multiple sources and bundle them together in a single requisition. Create rules to approve requests based on a variety of criteria such as quantity and request amount.
  • Request Classes: Create request classes to set requisition defaults in order to simplify data entry and reduce error rates. You can limit selection to a specific list of items, create customer only requests, hide vendor information, hide inventory catalog information, allow multiple vendors per request, and set promised lead times.
  • Complete Integration: The requisition module integrates with purchasing, order management, inventory management, and all financial modules to automate all processes, eliminate duplicate data entry, and properly account for all transactions.
  • Purchasing Integration: Once you approve a requisition quote, Acumatica automatically creates a purchase order that can be tracked within the purchase order management module.
  • Sales Order Integration: After a quote is approved, you can create a sales order with one click. Sales orders are managed by the rules within your sales order module and linked to your requisition for rapid access.
  • Audit Trail: The Requisition Management Module provides a complete audit trail of all transactions. The system keeps the details of all transactions, including the user who entered the transaction, the user who approved the transaction, and the user who modified the record. The auditing process is simplified by having notes as well as supporting electronic documents attached directly to the transactions.

“We decided to move to Acumatica ERP in Jan 2015.  Our partner is Cloud 9 ERP Solutions and we have been very happy with them. They have walked us through the implementation process, dug in and found solutions when we needed to do something a little differently and gone to bat for us when we needed help. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with our move to Acumatica and working with Cloud 9 ERP Solutions.”

Chris Sanford

CIO, Classical Conversations

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