Acumatica Case Study: Panda Kitchen & Bath

Leading cabinet and countertop manufacturer migrates from Everest to Acumatica, operates more efficiently and increases online sales with modern, cloud-based ERP.

Founded in 2000 by the Huang family, Panda Kitchen and Bath is a leading manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom cabinets and countertops. By 2006, Panda Kitchen and Bath had opened multiple distribution centers throughout the US growing to over 500,000 square feet of inventory.

Today, Panda Kitchen & Bath operates multiple manufacturing plants in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand with over 1 million square feet of warehousing space throughout the US. They also have over 2,000 employees and support staff spread out over two continents.

The company worked with Cloud 9 ERP Solutions, an Acumatica Gold Certified Partner, to implement and manage Acumatica ERP software.


With the continued growth and success of Panda Kitchen and bath came some back-office challenges.

Their biggest challenges stemmed from the fact that they were using Everest, a legacy ERP software. As a growing company, this legacy software could not keep up with their needs and was causing a lack of visibility across locations, manual processes, disconnection in the business, and more. On top of this, the team struggled with a lack of support for the aging software.

The company also struggled with permission and authorization issues in Everest. The team was seeking a solution that would allow them to grant certain access to certain users as they continued to add new locations. As one example, they were unable to allow a sales person or employee in Florida to only have access to their customers in Florida (and not other locations or customers throughout the company).

Finally, the lack of integration and eCommerce capabilities within Everest was impacting their bottom line. Customers were continually seeking and asking for a way to make purchases online. As a result, the company wanted to expand into eCommerce to satisfy their customer requirements and increase revenue. However, with Everest they struggled to integrate with Magento or their eCommerce site.


Panda Kitchen and Bath needed a modern, cloud-based ERP that offered better visibility, WMS features, eCommerce integration, role-based security, and support. They were also looking for a solution that was customizable.

The company worked with Cloud 9 ERP Solutions, an Acumatica Gold Certified Partner and Everest migration expert, to implement
and manage Acumatica to support its business goals and drive further growth with modern, cloud-based technology. From the early phases of their decision-making process, Panda Kitchen and Bath found the trust, confidence, and relationship with Cloud 9 ERP Solutions team key in their selection process.

As the leading partner for Everest to Acumatica migrations, Cloud 9 ERP solutions was able to provide a seamless implementation in a period of rapid growth within the company. According to Edgar Polo, General Manager at Panda Kitchen and Bath, “The implementation went exactly as promised.”

They are currently using Acumatica Distribution Edition with additional features such as the WMS module, customer portal, FedEx integration, CRM, and support case management.


From the very beginning, the company has benefited from the new, powerful Acumatica software.

Importantly, they now have all locations integrated into a single ERP solution. This helped them gain a real-time, centralized view of their entire business with real time insights, in-depth and customizable reporting, and tailored dashboards across all locations.

By replacing a legacy solution, they now have a “true cloud” experience that allows users to access all ERP functionality with a standard web browser instead of logging in via a remote desktop.

The company uses the Acumatica Customer Portal to allow B2B customers to place orders online. Now easily processing more than 5,000 online orders per day, the Acumatica software enables them to increase their eCommerce sales and keep customers happy.

The Customer Portal is going to quickly become our ‘Go-To’… more and more people want that kind of access and speed…‘Speed’ is the new ‘Service’ word.  With the help of our Acumatica Partner, Cloud 9 ERP Solutions, we plan for 80-90% of our orders to come from the Customer Portal…

Panda Kitchen and Bath continues to see benefits from Acumatica in their everyday operations. With the valued partnership established with Cloud 9 ERP solutions, they have future plans with the software to support the continued growth of their business.

“Implementation went exactly as promised.”
Edgar Polo

General Manager, Panda Kitchen and Bath

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