Acumatica Case Study: Productive AV

Cloud 9 ERP Solutions Gets Productive AV’s Acumatica Implementation Back on Track

Productive AV is a leading audio-visual implementation company headquartered in Richmond, VA. They provide audio-visual installations, audio-visual equipment rentals, and physical security installations. Their audio-visual solutions allow customers to focus on what is most important – their presentation and getting their message across. Their security division provides enterprise grade cameras to put eyes anywhere, providing safety and instant visibility to any property.

The company worked with Cloud 9 ERP Solutions, an Acumatica Gold Certified Partner, to audit, repair, and optimize their Acumatica FastTrack implementation.


Productive AV went live with their Acumatica FastTrack implementation in October 2020. Designed for midmarket growth businesses, Acumatica’s FastTrack Deployment provides a robust, scalable, and repeatable framework to deliver successful implementations in 90 days or fewer.

Unfortunately, Productive AV was working with another partner who was not providing the level of support or direction required for a successful implementation and go-live. This lack of support and improper configuration caused several critical issues within the system.

First, all financial statements were incorrect. Inaccuracies were being posted to these financial statements from numerous areas, particularly the inventory receipts which are used to account for stock items received in the inventory. Inaccurate information in the financial statements prevented company executives from making good decisions, left them blind to potential issues, and cost them a lot of wasted time trying to reconcile the financial data.

Second, the lack of support in their FastTrack implementation also meant that they did not get an adequate level of training for their users which further led to errors in configuration, use, and overall success of users.

While not an exhaustive list, these primary issues led the Productive AV team to Cloud 9 ERP solutions, a leading Acumatica partner and audio-visual industry expert, to save their Acumatica implementation.


The Cloud 9 ERP Solutions team conducted an audit of Productive AV’s current Acumatica environment to identify issues and provide recommendations.

With the findings from the audit, the Cloud 9 ERP Solutions worked with Productive AV stakeholders to fix all the configuration issues.

The Cloud 9 ERP Solutions also conducted extensive Acumatica training to ensure that users would now be better equipped to use the solution. Now that they are getting better use out of the system, the team is planning to expand their use into the service module, CRM, and more.


Since working with the Cloud 9 ERP Solutions team to save their FastTrack implementation, Productive AV has seen enormous benefits:

  • Corrected critical financial data on which to make strategic decisions
  • Achieved accurate inventory management, improving transparency across the business
  • Obtained a single source of truth that’s actionable, eliminating errors and confusion while increasing sales
  • Gained a properly configured solution that will now easily scale, paving the way for future growth and adoption of modules
  • Received extensive Acumatica user training, enabling employees to now leverage all features of the system

First and foremost, all financial statements are now accurate which has had a tremendous impact on the day-to-day operations of the business. In fact, sales have increased now that they have accurate data to rely on. The team is also saving a lot of time not having to fight financial-reporting fires.

Second, all inventory and cycle counts are now accurate. This has given executives better visibility into the current state of their business, while improving productivity and efficiency.

Finally, with the advanced and in-depth training provided by the team at Cloud 9 ERP Solutions, all Productive AV users have a better understanding of the software. Most importantly, user errors have now decreased. Users are more productive in the software and taking advantage of all the features available to them.

With the system now properly configured by the experts at Cloud 9 ERP Solutions, the Productive AV is ready to take advantage of new modules in Phase 2 and continue their continued success and growth.

Choosing the right ERP Software can be a daunting task. Cloud 9 ERP Solutions can help.