Operations/Manufacturing Lead

(COO, Operations Director, VP Manufacturing, Managing Director, VP Operations)

Acumatica Key Benefits For Operations/Manufacturing Leads

Operations leaders oversee all operational business processes, aiming to improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance quality across various roles, from equipment staff to suppliers. Empowering teams with accurate and accessible information is essential to achieve these goals. Acumatica, implemented by Cloud 9 ERP Solutions, provides the perfect solution. It offers customizable, flexible reporting and interactive role-based dashboards, empowering material planners, schedulers, estimators, warehouse workers, field service technicians, consultants, quality managers, maintenance staff, and laborers. These tools offer real-time insights into transactions, enabling teams to make informed decisions without relying on IT. This streamlines operations and boosts efficiency.

Manufacturing Operations

  • Redesign and automate manufacturing processes through highly configurable workflows.
  • Give everyone in your organization visibility to real-time, accurate manufacturing data and empower them to improve, with no cost for additional users.
  • Streamline data collection for labor and material transactions with barcoding for accurate, real-time data to drive manufacturing decisions.
  • Forecast demand to drive material planning, purchasing, and production schedules.
  • Automate quote to cash and procure to pay processes for improved cash flow and access to working capital.
  • Use the embedded Engineering Change Control application or connect to external CAD or PLM applications to manage complex engineering changes with ease.
  • Prepare for the “Factory of the Future” (w/ IoT) by using Acumatica to make the most of data collected through IoT. Acumatica’s open architecture allows for easy integration of custom apps on your shop floor.
  • Use the embedded Engineering Change Control application or connect to external CAD or PLM applications to manage complex engineering changes with ease.

Warehouse Operations

  • Streamline inventory and warehouse processes through highly configurable workflows with or without carts and extensive lot and serial traceability.
  • Empower employees with real-time, accurate inventory data with no costs for additional user licenses.
  • Automate data collection pick, pack, ship, put-away, and inventory transfer transactions with barcoding for accurate, real-time data to drive supply chain decisions.
  • Automate procurement processes with online vendor bidding for requisitions and robust inventory replenishment.
  • Automate quote to cash and procure to pay processes for improved cash flow and access to working capital.

Acumatica Dashboards

View key information at a glance with real-time dashboards customized by individual, role, or department.

ERP dashboards are a helpful tool for quickly displaying important data. With Acumatica ERP dashboards, you can keep track of current financial, operational, and organizational information, and analyze real-time trends and KPIs related to your job.

Acumatica general business edition dashboard computer screen


KPIs with Acumatica

Product Production Costs
Product Quality
Supplier Costs
Sub-Contractor Performance
Plan Vs Actual Hours And Cost
Planned, In-process And Optionally Completed Work
Work Center Loads And Schedules
Profitability By Customer By Category By Item
Sales and Profitability by Item Class and Item
New Product Time to Market

Identifying and Addressing Your Pain Points:

Operational Excellence Challenges

Operational Excellence: Operational excellence in business faces challenges like resistance to change, lack of clear strategy, and inefficient processes. Overemphasis on short-term gains, inadequate technology integration, and poor communication further impede progress. Addressing these pain points is crucial for sustained growth and competitiveness in today’s dynamic business environment.

How Acumatica Can Help 

  • Engage everyone in your organization with no per-user cost. Give them visibility and empower them to improve (and you can monitor)
  • Automate manual processes to reduce errors and improve accuracy
  • Redesign and automate processes and notices through highly configurable workflows

Leverage Advanced Analytics for Insight

Leverage Advanced Analytics for Insight: In today’s dynamic business landscape, leveraging advanced analytics offers valuable insights. However, organizations often grapple with challenges like data silos, lack of skilled talent, and integrating diverse data sources. Overcoming these pain points is crucial to unlocking the full potential of advanced analytics and driving informed decision-making in the competitive market.

How Acumatica Can Help

  • Product performance reports give you visibility into KPIs and allow for easy drilldown
  • Integration to MS Power BI gives you data visualizations that help you quickly spot trends

Improve Demand Planning and Delivery

Improve Demand Planning and Delivery: Effective demand planning and delivery are critical for business success. Pain points often arise from inaccurate forecasting, supply chain disruptions, and communication gaps. Companies grapple with inventory imbalances, delayed shipments, and customer dissatisfaction. Employing advanced analytics, fostering collaboration, and investing in robust technology can mitigate these challenges, optimizing operations and enhancing customer satisfaction

How Acumatica Can Help 

  • Forecast future demand and optimize production schedules to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs
  • Manage standard and custom product bills of material, routings, engineering changes, and configurations

Drive Innovation To Stay Ahead of the Competition

Drive Innovation To Stay Ahead of the Competition: In business, failing to drive innovation can lead to stagnation and increased vulnerability to competitors. Innovation often thrives on streamlined workflows, collaboration, and adaptability. Recognizing processes susceptible to bottlenecks or inefficiencies is vital. Navigating these pain points is crucial for driving innovation, ensuring long-term relevance, and maintaining a competitive edge.

How Acumatica Can Help

  • Identify business processes that are key to driving innovation, then use dashboards to monitor their health and process automation to ensure consistency
  • Prepare for the “Factory of the Future” (w/ IoT) by using your ERP to make the most of data collected through IoT (e.g., Acumatica’s open architecture allows for easy integration to custom apps on your shop floor)

Discover the Benefits of Choosing Acumatica by Cloud 9 ERP Solutions

Acumatica, implemented by Cloud 9 ERP Solutions, is a scalable cloud-based ERP solution. It integrates easily with existing systems, providing real-time visibility and automation across business processes. This enhances decision-making, streamlines operations, and reduces IT costs. Employees can work productively from anywhere with a user-friendly interface and mobile capabilities. Acumatica’s industry-specific solutions ensure a tailored fit for diverse business needs. Cloud 9 ERP Solutions offers robust support, ensuring continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, making us a dependable partner for long-term success.

Built by Acumatica, Delivered by a Top Partner

Though many companies claim to work with manufacturing firms, it’s all about finding the one who can deliver for your specific business needs. Few solutions exist today that can handle both the financial, process, and inventory management needs of companies like yours, and even fewer partners know how to deliver such a solution.

At Cloud 9 ERP Solutions, a Gold Certified Acumatica Partner, we have worked with companies like yours to configure and deliver Acumatica Cloud ERP, a product ready and able to handle your challenges.

Get to know more about how we workwho we’ve helped, and why we’ve been a leader in the business for nearly three decades by contacting us for a free consultation.

Acumatica MVP

Choosing the Right ERP Software Can Be a Daunting Task. Cloud 9 ERP Solutions Can Help.

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Mid-Sized Manufacturer Gains 400% Productivity, Creates Powerful Integrated System with Acumatica

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Mid-Sized Manufacturer Gains 400% Productivity, Creates Powerful Integrated System with Acumatica

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"The partner that immediately came to mind was Cloud 9 ERP Solutions. Relationships are important to us at Panova and Cloud 9 ERP Solutions has a very strong relationship with Acumatica. We wanted a partner who was 100% committed to the ecosystem. Cloud 9 ERP Solutions puts out great content, and comes across as a leader; a champion of Acumatica. We invest in Acumatica continuously as we would a team member, to ensure we get the most benefit and value from the solution. Looking at an integration platform, like Acumatica, invites leaders to a paradigm shift to see a new and exciting future. Acumatica presents a huge opportunity for companies in the manufacturing space to streamline their operations.”

Ehren A. Dimitry

President & CEO, Panova

"We just kicked-off our ERP implementation project and couldn’t be happier about the stellar support that Cloud 9 ERP Solutions is providing. We selected Cloud 9 ERP Solutions as our partner because our evaluation process revealed that they would provide the expert guidance and collaborative consulting that we needed. They are certainly delivering as expected, but in addition, we’ve seen a level of energy and passion from their project managers that is reinforcing our confidence in our choice."

Melody Moccia

Director of Administration, Emery Winslow Scale Company

“Cloud 9 ERP Solutions has taken our Acumatica usage to another level since partnering with them in 2015. Their response, communication, and knowledge of all modules and many 3rd party add-ons has significantly opened the door to the power of Acumatica beyond our day to day surface-level processes. Cloud 9 ERP Solutions is helping us use Acumatica to its fullest!”


Kelly Burns

COO, M3 Technology Group

“We decided to move to Acumatica ERP in Jan 2015. Our partner is Cloud 9 ERP Solutions and we have been very happy with them. They have walked us through the implementation process, dug in and found solutions when we needed to do something a little differently and gone to bat for us when we needed help. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with our move to Acumatica and working with Cloud 9 ERP Solutions.”

Chris Sanford

CIO, Classical Conversations

“The team at Cloud 9 ERP Solutions always responds quickly to our support requests. Most of our issues are resolved within a day or two.”

Troy Maas

CEO / Owner, Kully Supply, Inc.

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